AUN DPP Research Grant

TILE for SwDs Research Program

Towards Inclusive Learning Environment for Students with Disabilities (SwDs) is aimed to evaluate universities' provision and facilities for learning and living experience where Students with Disabilities will have the opportunity to access for higher education and fulfill their potential in a culture characterised by inclusivness and mutual understanding.

The objective of this research program:

1. To review current policies, guidelines and standards being used internationally specifically universities in the ASEAN region or ASEAN University Network.

2. To access current practices (4 dimensions X 3 categories of impairment X 5 countries) related to SwD needs at selected universities.

3. To recommend inclusive policies and guidelines of SwDs for ASEAN universities or countries.

ASEAN countries involved in this research iniatiative Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam and Thailand.

The significance of this research initiative:

1. Produce a clear picture on the involvement of SwD in higher learning institution in the case study by countries.

2. Improve support services to enhance learning experience and participation at universities.

3. Provide best practices example for replication, adaptation and implementation among the ASEAN community.