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The 7th edition of the AUDT program was organized by the office of AUN-DPPnet from 28th July until 12th August 2023. Twenty (20) exceptional person with disabilities (PwDs) flew from ASEAN countries, including Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam, came together at the Institute of Leadership and Development (UiTM) in Bandar Enstek, Malaysia.

Figure 1: Mr Ali from Singapore was learning about the dimension in the
topics of how to read a building plan by Dr Norafida Ab Ghafar from Universiti Malay

Figure 2: Ms Virginia was explaining abouther group's design of toilet for PWDs

The AUDT program has been gaining more recognition with each passing year, and this year's edition with nearly 100 applications pouring in. The program's main objective is to equip participants with the knowledge and expertise needed to tackle the challenges faced by PwDs in terms of accessibility. It focuses on understanding policies and implementation of inclusivity in both public and private building access.

Figure 3: Ms Minh Chau was presenting a Vietnam country report to the panels

Figure 4: Ms Hasnita was presenting an Indonesia country report to the panels

Throughout the program, participants were immersed in a wealth of knowledge shared by experts in universal design and inclusivity. All the participants are now expected to apply their acquired skills to make positive changes in their respective countries and communities. The AUDT program aims to nurture individuals who can become effective Access Inspectors, fostering inclusivity and equal opportunities for PwDs.

Figure 5 : Dr Mastura Adam was briefing the group that access auditing
the Faculty of Art and Social Sciences at Universiti Malaya, Kuala Lumpur

Figure 6: A trip to Kuala Lumpur Tourism Bureau by Kuala Lumpur City Hall,
it is an accessible heritage building in the middle of city center.

One of the program's highlights was the Country Report Presentation, where each participant shared valuable insights about policies and legislation related to PwDs in their respective countries. They also shed light on common issues and problems faced regarding accessibility, showcasing various initiatives undertaken by stakeholders to address these challenges. Through their presentations, they emphasized the importance of moving forward together, with the motto "Nothing about us without us" at the forefront of their endeavors.

Figure 7: The Director of AUN-DPPnet was giving the certificate of competency
to the participants from Cambodia, Ms In Champa
Figure 8: Farewell dinner with all of the participants from ASEAN

To put their knowledge into practice, the participants were taken to Universiti Malaya to conduct Access Auditing in three buildings on the campus. This practical experience allowed them to identify barriers and challenges firsthand, encouraging them to develop effective solutions. Afterward, they compiled their findings into comprehensive reports to present at the end of the program.

The secretariat of AUN-DPPnet cherishes the hope that the AUDT program will continue to produce more PwDs Access Inspectors. By empowering these individuals with the tools to identify and address accessibility issues, they can contribute significantly to improving infrastructure and fostering inclusive environments within the ASEAN community.

Last Update: 17/09/2023